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What We Offer
We provide regular service for both Residential and Commercial pest control services.

Residential  service is provided on an every other month basis, where the service is always under guarantee in case you have issues pop up between services. We do every other month because the products last longer and there is no need to re-apply them more frequently.

Commercial pest control services are provided on a contract only monthly basis. The service is always guaranteed if pest control issues arise in between services. This service needs to be on a more regular basis, because, lets face it, our businesses have a completely different set of routines and amount of traffic than your typical residence and commercial areas have a lot more activity and movement on their grounds that make monthly service a more prudent frequency to control issues.

Below is a list of other service offerings due to inquiries.
  • Bed bugs
  • Heat and product treatments including preventative organic weed options
  • Home scorpion seals
  • Scorpion hunting
  • Bee repair work
  • Rodents including gophers
  • Pest birds (pigeons only) including exclusion from solar panels with materials that preserve warranties
  • Mosquito control/treatment options
  • Snake repellent service
  • Bio alternatives to chemicals for commercial accounts bbq grill and trash/recycle can sanitization
  • Home buying/selling pest evaluation (no termite inspecting)