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Bed Bugs

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are an ectoparasite which means they feed on the blood of people and have been around since cave men (not implying Geico commercials).

You can get beg bugs from virtually anywhere.

Anywhere you spend a lot of time in your home is where bed can end up settling.
It has nothing to do with lifestyle, income level, or traits about you or your family. It has more to do with the fact that PEOPLE are THEIR food source and bed bugs are pretty successful at hitchiking.

Because of this, they are found most common where people spend the most time, which is in bed. Hence, bed bugs. They are not going to “SPRING UP” in your house. They are usually brought in the home from somewhere else.

Beds, hotels, luggage, cars, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools are the most common places where bed bugs are discovered. And they can be found all over the world.

Yes, they are world wide…
As we travel more, they travel with us.

Luggage is common place where they end up.
You can do something as simple as going on vacation and come back with bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Do Bite

At Green Organics Pest Control, we don't like the shock and awe to scare you. Here's a black & white diagramatic picture of what bed bugs would look like.

How Do We Treat Bed Bugs?

Bed bug heat treatments are the ultimate organic pest control solution. Heat kills all pests, at all life cycles, as well as bacteria and other organisms; which also makes this process sanitizing while killing germs at the same time. 

Bed bugs develop resistant to pesticides, which is why a heat treatment is the best way to treat (kill) bed bugs.

Why Heat Treatments are the Best for Treating Bed Bugs?

Every living organism has a temperature where death occurs. For bed bugs it’s between 120-140 sustained for 2-4 hours. That’s why our treaments are scheduled for an entire day.

Reason being is because there is...
  • Prep
  • Setup
  • Raising the Temperature
  • Maintaining the Temperature
  • Breakdown

What's Involved With Treating Bed Bugs?

There’s a protocol we ask you, the client to perform before we enter the home. We will explain that and give you a document that outlines everything that needs to be done.

For us it's...
  • It’s setting up heaters and fans
  • Putting up air curtains
  • Sealing off anything that needs to be sealed
  • And moving things around as needed (i.e. furniture)
For you, it’s outlined in the service agreement.
There are a lot of factors that vary in how much time it takes for setup and breakdown. Not only is it based on the size of the area, but also many other factors such as material of home, flooring, and furnishings just to name a few. Price varies from home to home, but we will give you and estimate before we provide the service.
During this process we will be turning up the heat in your home as well as using our heaters and fans (again, this is outlined in the service agreement).

How Many Bed Bug Treatments Will I Need?

Usually one treatment should do the job. Exceptions are if you travel a lot and have not identified the source of where they are potentially coming from.
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