“How does ‘organic’ pest control or ‘natural’ pest control work?”

The answer is simple, nature has been doing “organic pest control” for literally millions of years, in various ways: through predatory animals and insects, through repellent plant life, and through natural minerals and oils that bugs and other pests naturally do not like.

We use many of these methods in our service, as we find that it just is not necessary to use potentially harmful materials to take care of a problem easily solved by natural materials, that have little to no known effects on people, pets, or our environments. Some of our products are literally food grade materials, if not labeled for pest control, you could buy and consume without consequence. Other products are so much more safe than traditional pesticides that they are literally exempt from being registered by the EPA, who have very strict and rigorous standards especially concerning pesticides.

Organic Pest Control – Non Toxic Solutions

We choose organic products ourselves, because too often we hear stories or read studies or notice trends that occur than can be, if not totally, at least in part to pesticides, regarding cancers or birth defects or other disorders or diseases that neither we, nor do we feel anyone should have to be subject to. We choose organic, because we believe in it, we’ve seen the results it can produce and like the way we feel good at the end of the day or week, not like we need to be scrubbed down and cleansed of poisons.

We Believe in Organic Pest Control

When you call us you can be confident that our organic pest control is a safer pest control. Safer for food, family, pets, and the environment.

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