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Scorpion Pest Control: How to Prevent Scorpions in Your Home

The most common question we get from Phoenix, AZ area residents when it comes to scorpion pest control is, “how do we prevent scorpions in and around our home.” This blog post looks to address this very thing with a simple and affordable approach.

How to Prevent Scorpions in Your Home

How do you prevent scorpions in your home? With a little bit of preventative maintenance. The most common way scorpions enter the home, other than open doors and cracks, is through the exhaust fans. To solve this problem Green Organics Pest Control advises to scorpion proof your exhaust fan.

The video below shares exactly how you can do this step-by-step. This accomplished done by making a screen for your exhaust ventilation plate.


Scorpion Pest Control Maintenance:
Materials Needed for Screening Out Scorpions

We do this by using the following materials listed below:

  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Fine Mesh Window Screen

Step 1 First things first to do is remove your exhaust vent plate from the wall or ceiling and clean the plate. Once you have your clean plate.

scorpion prevention screening exhausts fig 1Step 2 Cut a piece of fine mesh window screen to the dimensions of the vent plate cover while trimming out the edges.

Step 3 Tear off a piece of duct tape around 1 1/2″ long and cutting in half length wise for use as a strip using 1 strip per side (I also demonstrate this in the video). See Fig 1




Step 4 Tape down the screen to the sides without the tension tines first (See Fig 1) going end to end across the plate. Using the straight edge of the tape to the outer edge of the vent plate.

The Sides with Tines…

How to prevent scorpions in and around your home.

Screening Your Vent Figure 2

Step 5 Cut a notch complete “v” shape around the tines on other side pushing the tines towards the center. See Fig 2

Tear off a piece of duct tape and cutting in half length wise for use as a strip for the sides with tines. Again going end to end fully securing the screen.






How to prevent scorpions screening your exhaust vents figure 3

Secure Tension Tines Fig 3

Step 6 Cut 5 strips of duct tape the width of your finger and placing 1 strip across the center of the hinge of the tine and on each side of the tine hinge. This secures the “v” cuts of any gaps  See Fig 3.





 Finished Screen for Screening Out Scorpions

Finished ventilation plate

Finished Ventilation Plate Fig 4

Once finished your vent plate will look similar to figure 4. See Figure 4

If exhaust plate is different shape, design, or secured differently then you may have to alter your strategy. Or give us a 2 steps to secure the ends of the tine strips.




For more preventative scorpion control measures in an around your home or if you have any questions and would like Green OrganicsPest Control to perform this service for you, give us a call at 1-602-448-1180.

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