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Got BEES? Bee hives and infestations are not to be ignored or taken lightly. The larger the hive gets and the longer it is established, the more aggressive and territorial bees become and the greater threat they pose to people around them.


With our warm weather and plentiful food sources, bees can get out of control fast. With all the outdoor activity in the valley, we ALL need to be aware of the bee activity around us. Most bees only sting when agitated but depending on their size, length of time, and specific breed the level of perceived agitation can vary greatly. The sting from a bee releases a combination of acid and venom and leaves the stinger attached to the victim.

The Larger the Hive the More Territorial & Problematic Bees Become

The city of Phoenix (including the fire dept) does not provide bee services. It is recommended that you ALWAYS have a professional take care of such a potentially dangerous and delicate situation. Some people can have extreme allergic reactions to being stung which can lead to hospitalization or even death, it is a serious issue.

Some People Can Have an Extreme Allergic Reaction to Bees

Green Organics Pest Control has the experience, expertise, and equipment to properly treat for this problem in a safe, ecologically friendly, and efficient manner.

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