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Check Out Our Review Video and Some of Our Reviews From Yelp!

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Here are some of our reviews from around the web:


I just called to ask whether he can do termites in the Florence area.   He doesn’t come to the area, and doesn’t do termites, and said he didn’t know any other company in the area who might.  But was so friendly about his response, and trying to be helpful, I just thought I should give him a good review.  🙂

Green Organics Pest Control Review on Yelp


I just got off the phone from talking with Scott and have to let everyone know how much I appreciate him! He gave me very helpful tips to tackle a spider concern at our home and wanted to be sure I did what I could before spending money for him to come out. What a truly nice, honest, kind guy! IF we have future issues he will be the one I’ll call. 🙂

Green Organics Pest Control Review on Yelp


Scott is the best. Seriously, the best. I own a preschool where it is critically important to keep our children safe. I’ve trusted Scott for three+ years and have had nothing but great experiences during that time. From common ants, to wasp nests, and more, Green Organics has delivered 100% of the time.


Green Organics Pest Control Review on Google Plus