Are Ants Moving In On You And Your Family?

Looking for a natural alternative to ant control that is safer for your kids and pets? Natural/organic ant control is often a lot more effective and safer for your pets than other chemical alternatives. Terro ant killer is specific to ants and much safer for your kids and pets.

What is Terro Ant Bait?

Terro ant bait is a liquid with the consistency of pancake syrup. This liquid is sweet which attracts a legion of ants. These ants consume the bait as well as carry the terro back to the rest of the colony where the rest of the ants consume the terro and eventually die off. Terro ant bait is a natural ant control that is safer and just as effective as chemical controls… if not more effective.

Organic Ant Control How Does Terro Ant Bait Work?

Terro ant bait uses the active ingredient boric acid, which is a mineral. This active ingredient interferes with the ants digestive system, eventually killing them off. Ants that consume the terro are usually dead 24-48 hours after consumption. This… killing them slowly technique allows the worker ants enough time to make several trips back and forth to the terro ant bait and bring it back to the unsuspecting colony. Within a few days you should see a significant drop off of the ants visiting the bait.

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