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About Us

We spend the necessary time to achieve the results desired and provide a higher quality of service than most companies out there, most especially the national chains that have a “check collecting” mentality, performing their services with the hopes that you won’t have any issues between services. We value our customers and expect to have good working communications with them in order to perform services to the best of our abilities every time, always with the guarantee that IF you are ever having a problem between services, we will always be here to assist you in correcting the problem.

Green Organics Pest Control Service

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We say assist, because pest control, unlike other services people are use to having, such as landscaping or pool service or housekeeping, is a partnership dependent upon your cooperation. We need you to be our eyes for the times when we’re not there because if a tree needs to be trimmed, when the landscaper gets there they can see it still needs to be trimmed, since most insects are night creatures, and we’re working during the daytime, we depend on customer feedback to do a GREAT JOB for YOU!!

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Green Organics Pest Control Owner Scott Preller